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Permanent Long Term Rental Charges vary depending on the type and the location a price will be provided on application.l


Long Term Sites with your own Van/Camper.  We do not permit Long Term Camping in Tents.


Long Term Cabins are priced at application and subject to change.


All Cabins / Houses are unfurnished, most are NOT air conditioned and utilities (Electricity/Gas) meters are read and charged each week in the park, houses will require private electricity and gas services (water is charge on houses monthly.


When returning the application please provide us with

  1. Proof of Income

  2. 100 points of Identification – Drivers Licence, Medicare Card and Bank Card for example.

  3. Referees Names and Contact Details – Non Family Members.

  4. Current Criminal History Check


We will then conduct checks via

  1. TICA – Tenancy Information Centre Australasia

  2. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram Etc.

  3. Referees


If approved  for a cabin you will be required to pay 3 weeks bond and 3 weeks rent or a house you will be required to pay 4 weeks bond and 3 weeks rent prior to occupancy.


The Department of Housing may provide you with a Bond Loan or a Bond Plus Loan / Rental Grant.   


Bond is sent to the RTA. This will be returned to you if the property is left in a clean and undamaged state with all personal belongings and furniture removed from the property.

Please note we have a strict Pet Policy in any of our rental Cabins or Houses an by application.

Email your application form to:


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